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Peter Friedman

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Peter Friedman is a social media visionary and veteran with over 34 years experience in the space (22 at LiveWorld, Inc. and 12 at Apple). He’s provided multiple global brands with strategic social media guidance and delivered hundreds of social media programs for them in multiple countries and languages. Peter founded LiveWorld, raised over $100 Million in private rounds and an IPO, grew the company to hundreds of employees, and managed its downsizing, survival, and re-invention through multiple market crashes, recessions, and resurgences. He is a fine art photographer, celebrated public speaker, and author of the book, “The CMO’s Social Media Handbook, A Step By Step Guide For Leading Marketing Teams in the Social Media World.” He holds a bachelor’s degree in American History from Brown University, and an MBA from The Harvard Business School. Peter’s life-long mission is to help people create more value together, through collaborative relationships, than they can alone.

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