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Danielle Wiley

Member since September 2014

With nearly 25 years of industry experience, Danielle is a widely recognized industry leader in content marketing, influencer marketing and social media strategy. Prior to founding Sway Group in 2011, Danielle led social strategy for Edelman’s Chicago-based digital group. There she realized there was a need to professionalize and streamline the process for connecting influencers with brands. Danielle is a regular contributor to and has been featured in Adweek, TechCrunch, Digiday, VentureBeat, MediaPost, Marketing Land and PR Daily. She speaks regular and has been featured at numerous industry conferences including BlogHer, Mom 2.0, iMedia, SXSW, CES and the SMX Search Marketing Expo.

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  • The Case For Fee Transparency In Influencer Marketing in MAD on 07/06/2023

    Now is the time for an industry-wide shift to establishing long-term, retainer-based pricing that matches the bespoke brand planning, agency-minded partnerships that have now become the norm.

  • Meta Moves And Implications For Influencer Marketing in MAD on 04/06/2023

    You probably haven't seen a lot of articles about Meta's Branded Content tool lately, but it's important to be aware of how this tool is changing - and how it might affect your sponsored content strategies.

  • Casper Is Worried About Influencer Marketing; Here's Why You Shouldn't Be in MAD on 01/31/2020

    Yes, it's true. Influencers who engage in bad behavior can harm a company. The same is true for executives, employees and even customers.

  • To Kill All The Likes Or Long Live The Likes? in MAD on 08/06/2019

    If likes on social media become a thing of the past, here's what I hope we'll see.

  • Parents Of Teens Are Learning New Roles in Engage:Teens on 04/02/2015

    A new baby truly only needs food and sleep in the first few months of his or her life. A teenager, on the other hand, requires much more. It seems as if the list of needs grows even faster than the rate of their height, from clothes that fit to face and body care, as well as school supplies and sporting equipment. Not considered splurges, such as new fashion accessories or video games, these necessities often fall under household budget (and do not come out of the Gen Z's allowance, summer job or savings account).

  • Don't Forget About The Parents Of Generation Z in Engage:Moms on 03/27/2015

    Parents of Generation Z, the name given to those born after 1995, are entering a new life stage as their children stand on the cusp of adulthood. Today's parents are particularly hungry for content that relates to their needs, much like they received when they were parents of newborns. However, unlike that previous stage in their lives, they don't have the luxury of looking to best practices from the past as they navigate for the first time what it means to parent in this digital age.

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  • Are You Really Connecting With The Connected? by Donna Sabino (Engage:Moms on 09/03/2014)

    This is great research and so needed as Millennial moms continue to differentiate themselves from the mothers before them. One thing we continue to see is that while Millennial moms and their children are both consuming media on a mobile device, Millennial moms are often scanning quickly while their children are completely immersed, even wearing headphones to zone out their environment. Viewing video is a very different mindset (and time commitment) for Millennial moms versus their children and brands would benefit greatly by incorporating that understanding into their campaigns.

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