Are You Really Connecting With The Connected?

As marketers evaluate our ever-evolving leisure-time environment, the critical role played by Millennial Moms cannot be overstated. Not only do they represent an audience of influential customers with expanding economic power today, they are also responsible for teaching content consumption behaviors to next generation audiences, their kids. According to our research, these moms are using new tools to connect, communicate and consume content and their kids are watching and modeling these new media behaviors. 

For example, when compared to moms of other generations, Millennial Moms are significantly less likely to subscribe to traditional television access sources such as cable, satellite and Telco services but significantly more likely to use paid VOD services such as Netflix Watch Instantly, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Paid YouTube channels. To be a successful marketer today, it is not only important to understand these new media behavior patterns in the context of your current marketing efforts targeting moms, but critical to continue to monitor the impact those life lessons will have on children’s media usage patterns moving forward, to ensure you can be a successful marketer tomorrow. 



Consider this, if each time a child asks for a particular video, show or song the mom responds by picking up a smartphone or tablet to head online to fulfill that request, what message does she communicate about where and how to find immediate media satisfaction? What lesson has she taught that child? What behavior will that child replicate? Kids watch their parents to learn how things are done and, increasingly, Millennial moms are doing things online. 

 For example, even when Millennial Moms sit down to watch traditional television with their children, they are far more likely than Gen X or Boomer moms to multitask by going online at the same time. Gen Y moms report being far more likely than other moms to use digital technologies such as social networks or instant message/text while watching TV with their kids. Not only does this split their attention across the platforms, it also serves as an important example to their children of how media is to be consumed. 

As we know, Millennial moms are quite enamored of internet-enabled devices. Interestingly, they are eager to share this passion with even their youngest children. In just the last two years, preschooler’s use of online video on tablets has grown over 100%. Significant growth has also been seen in their use of apps on tablets and smartphones. 

Given how quickly the media paradigms are changing, the need for consistent information about these important consumer segments has never been more apparent or more necessary.

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  1. Danielle Wiley from Sway Group, September 3, 2014 at 6:17 p.m.

    This is great research and so needed as Millennial moms continue to differentiate themselves from the mothers before them. One thing we continue to see is that while Millennial moms and their children are both consuming media on a mobile device, Millennial moms are often scanning quickly while their children are completely immersed, even wearing headphones to zone out their environment. Viewing video is a very different mindset (and time commitment) for Millennial moms versus their children and brands would benefit greatly by incorporating that understanding into their campaigns.

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