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Donna Sabino

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  • The Most Important Stop on Mom's Purchase Journey in Engage:Moms on 07/31/2015

    On the path to purchase, what sources of information wield the most influence on what shoppers buy? Given the variety of ways consumers share and receive information today, that question has become even more complex for marketers seeking to connect to potential customers. When it comes to making purchases for the kids in the family, parents across the board resoundingly named their child as the key purchase driver, with virtually all parents indicating their child is the essential source of information in the decision-making process.

  • The Future Of Media Starts At Home in Engage:Moms on 05/29/2015

    The media behaviors of next-generation audiences are being shaped at home with the proliferation of smart and internet-enabled devices and new parental attitudes and behaviors regarding online content. For example, over the last three years, ownership of tablets, web-enabled televisions and digital media receivers (such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, etc.) has increased significantly year over year in homes with kids under 13 years old. Coincidentally, subscription video-on-demand services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video have also seen significant year-over-year growth in these households.

  • Forward Passing Passions in Engage:Moms on 01/30/2015

    Americans' passion for sports will be on display this Super Bowl Sunday as families around the country gather around screens of all kinds to watch the Seahawks take on the Pats. These family viewing sessions go a long way towards developing the next generation of sports fans.

  • When Moms Defer To Digital Dads in Engage:Moms on 10/31/2014

    We tend to think of moms as children's first teachers, their guides as they learn about and explore the world. But as digital technology becomes a greater part of kids' everyday lives, are mothers the ones shepherding them online to engage in interactive experiences? When looking at the media and technology co-consumption behaviors of moms and dads with their children, interesting patterns emerge.

  • Are You Really Connecting With The Connected? in Engage:Moms on 09/03/2014

    As marketers evaluate our ever-evolving leisure-time environment, the critical role played by Millennial Moms cannot be overstated. Not only do they represent an audience of influential customers with expanding economic power today, they are also responsible for teaching content consumption behaviors to next generation audiences, their kids. According to our research, these moms are using new tools to connect, communicate and consume content and their kids are watching and modeling these new media behaviors.

  • Did You Have a Happy Techgiving, Mom? in Engage:Moms on 12/03/2013

    At this time of year when we traditionally reflect on those things in our lives for which we are thankful, we asked moms of kids aged 12 and under through the research community HearWatchSay to share their thoughts about the specific devices and technologies for which they are most grateful. In analyzing their responses, perhaps even more illuminating for marketers than the items that made moms' lists were their rationales for including them.

  • The Importance Of The Teacher in Engage:Moms on 08/30/2013

    Millions of kids are heading back to school. Along with brand new school supplies and new outfits, the first day of school usually brings a new classroom instructor. The idea of a new teacher can be intimidating for some kids. However, what kids sometimes forget is that they, themselves, are teachers. In fact, kids aged 6-12 years old find themselves teaching their parents about all kinds of things including media and technology. We find this to be especially true if their parents are Baby Boomers or older Gen Xers.

  • Cautious Moms, Casual Dads  in Engage:Moms on 05/31/2013

    We know the presence of kids in a household is highly correlated with the acquisition of a variety of internet-enabled devices and services. So much so, the idea of today's mothers using internet-enabled technology to more effectively manage their consistently busy family lives has become almost clichd. However, questions remain about if, when and/or how moms are passing down those feelings and behaviors about digital tools and experiences to their children. Do kids learn about the benefits of the digital world from their moms?

  • Can Current Events Change The Tide? in Engage:Moms on 03/29/2013

    The heinous events that took place in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, 2012, seemed to shake the country to its core. Whether a parent or not, virtually everyone felt an overwhelming sense of pain and profound sadness at the unspeakable loss that community endured. The President of the United States called it the worst day of his presidency.

  • Thankful For Time Spent Together All Year Long  in Engage:Moms on 11/30/2012

    While we cherish the approaching holiday season as the time of year to spend quality time with friends and family, busy moms treasure special moments of family togetherness each and every day. Visualizing today's moms, the marketing images of time-pressured, over-stressed and economically stretched women tend to come to mind. However, the moments which are most salient to these hard-working moms are those daily opportunities when they can meaningfully connect with their children.

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