Did You Have a Happy Techgiving, Mom?

At this time of year when we traditionally reflect on those things in our lives for which we are thankful, we asked moms of kids aged 12 and under through the research community HearWatchSayto share their thoughts about the specific devices and technologies for which they are most grateful. In analyzing their responses, perhaps even more illuminating for marketers than the items that made moms’ lists were their rationales for including them. 

Moms are using digital devices and technologies to easily and conveniently do more of what moms have always done. Upholding enduring family-centric ideals such as connecting, bonding, sharing, teaching, protecting, supporting and celebrating were commonly referenced. This feedback demonstrates that although the tools used by today’s moms have clearly evolved, the goals and aspirations they have for their families remain timeless. 



The centrality of family connectedness was underscored again and again. For example, one mom wrote, “I use my iPhone where ever I am to keep me occupied and always connected to my family.” While another posted, “I am most thankful for my Kindle Fire. I can take it with me and use it to stay in touch with those who are important to me.” Through all kinds of devices, fostering and nurturing connections was, as it always has been, a top mom priority. That core driver can be leveraged by smart marketers to create a meaningful platform to connect to and support moms. 

The idea of mom as caretaker and protector of her family were also significant themes. One mom stated, “I love that my 7-year-old daughter has a smartphone. It makes me feel more comfortable that she has it.” Another echoed, “I am glad that my daughter has a cell phone, not so much so that she can reach her friends but so I can reach her and she can reach me.” In an era where personal safety and security are every day, top-of-mind concerns, these personal mobile devices provide moms with a modicum of control in an otherwise uncontrollable world, “Wireless phones have made our lives more secure and content. We no longer have to worry about someone who has gone out; all of us are just a phone call away.” Is there something your brand can do to help foster a feeling of safety and security for moms and their families?

The important role they see technology playing in teaching and preparing their children for happy and successful futures was also apparent in their responses, “I am glad they have a computer because it is much easier for them to learn.” The idea that acquiring knowledge and information is far more convenient today than it was for past generations was also appreciated, “I am grateful that my kids have access to the internet. It has made doing research for various school assignments a lot easier.” They marveled at the seemingly limitless utility of online information, “We love Google, which seems to have all the answers to our unknown questions.” Can your product help moms teach their children and prepare them for the future?

Moms appreciate that technology helps them navigate a world that is at the same time bigger and smaller, “I am thankful for being able to email, chat, Skype, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and anything over the net. It has brought the world closer together.” They are highly cognizant of the impact online access has had on their lives and world views, “There are so many things to be thankful for as the internet is the biggest game changer and has totally revolutionized the way we look at the world today and how we gather and share information.” Overall, moms are most grateful their families are able to reap the benefits of growing up in an internet-enabled world, “I am most thankful for all the new technology we use which makes our lives happier and easier and more convenient.” Do moms know how your brand can help make their lives happier, easier and more convenient?

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