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Zack Kattermann

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  • Brand Strategist at Pearl Media, an OOH and Experiential Agency Pearl Media
  • 363 Rt. 46 West, Ste 450
  • Fairfield New Jersey
  • 07004 USA

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  • Enhancing Travel Destinations With Brand Experiences in Marketing: Travel on 11/04/2016

    I talk about brand experiences ad nauseam in my quarterly contributions and this entry will be no exception. During 2016, we activated more brand experiences than any year past. With each new activation, I dwell on the symbiotic relationship between brand experiences and their locations. When planning said experiences, its success theoretically hinges on the location, but I'm beginning to think the relationship is more mutual. What I'm suggesting is that locations need brand experiences just as much as brand experiences need locations, and here's why.

  • Travel Brands Up For CLIO's - What They Did Right in Marketing: Travel on 08/29/2016

    If you're an advertiser, the CLIO Awards should be a familiar name. Honoring innovation and creative excellence in the industry, the CLIO Awards make being a nominee a great accolade in itself. Submissions from all of the globe have been reviewed and whittled down by world class creative talent to the 2016 Shortlist revealed last week. Of the remaining elite, five travel brand campaigns have made the cut!

  • New Virtual Reality  in Marketing: Travel on 05/31/2016

    Virtual reality has been a hot topic in the travel industry for well over a year now. Brands ranging from Marriott to Carnival are using the technology to transport people to new and adventurous landscapes right from their seats. As with any emerging piece of tech, new breakthroughs and developments feel like a monthly occurrence. So what exactly is happening in the VR space now and how can it impact travel marketing? Let's dive in and theorize a few of the many new possibilities!

  • Attention, Millennial Marketers: Be Interesting.  in Engage:Millennials on 05/05/2015

    In experiential marketing there is one buzzword dominating creative briefs and client requests: It's Millennials. Marketers, go get 'em.

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