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Frank Sinton

Member since May 2015Contact Frank

  • CEO Beachfront Media
  • Twitter: fsinton
  • Ormond Beach Florida
  • 32176 USA

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  • Is Blockchain Up To Speed For Ad Tech? in MediaDailyNews on 05/08/2018

    Digital advertising is clearly under fire. From consumer-privacy concerns to lingering brand-safety issues and the continued battle against fraud, there is ample worry for the ad industry. One potential solution being discussed regards blockchain technology.

  • In Mobile Video, Speed Wins: Are You Ready to Race For Big Advertising Dollars? in Mobile Marketing Daily on 03/11/2016

    But as users shift more of their video watching to mobile devices, their expectations don't change. If anything, they get more exacting as the experience gets more personal and connected to a specific person.

  • The Validating Effects Of Verizon's AOL Bid in Real-Time Daily on 05/18/2015

    Say what you want about the details of Verizon's bid to acquire AOL, but the intent behind it can be summed up in one word--validation. The $4.4 billion price tag attached to the deal lends some serious wind behind the sails of three very distinct but connected market forces that is sure to have a wide impact far beyond the two companies involved.

  • The Ad-Tech Wave Is Gonna Crash in Real-Time Daily on 05/04/2015

    If the current state of the ad tech industry can be compressed into one word, it would be -- fragmented. The landscape of new devices and formats on which viewers are watching video is fragmented for sure, but even more fragmented is the state of the ad tech business emerging to address it.

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