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Ranvir Gujral

Member since December 2012

Ranvir Gujral is the co-founder of Chute (, the visual marketing automation platform that enables brands, publishers and agencies to create media-rich stories through fan and brand powered media. An entrepreneur in spirit, Ranvir is the previous co-founder of LifeGrams Corporation and Blue Whale Labs. Currently he serves on the Board of The Detroit Foundation – a non-profit focused on reinvigorating the city through social entrepreneurship and job growth.

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  • Travel On Instagram: July 2015 Trends in Marketing: Travel on 08/05/2015

    Travel is one of the most popular topics on Instagram, and with the new trending feed in the app, being part of and effective in niche topics has become increasingly important. Now that we're at the peak of summer travel, an analysis of 5.8 million travel-related photos (tagged with #travel, #vacation, #tourism, etc.) from July surfaced interesting trends around related topics, ideas, and brands.

  • The Impact Of User-Generated Content In Travel Marketing in Marketing: Travel on 05/08/2015

    Taking photos and staying in contact with family are the top two reasons travelers pull out their smartphones while vacationing. According to MDG Advertising, 68% of mobile device owners use their smartphones primarily to keep in touch and almost half prefer to use them to take photos and videos, creating a climate perfect for Instagram to come out on top.

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