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Irfon Watkins

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Irfon Watkins is the CEO of video advertising technology company Coull. He has more than 25 years experience working with blue chip companies in the IT and services arena. He has had senior management roles at Dell Computers, Computacenter and CommerceQuest, where he was executive Vice President of EMEA.

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  • Among Other Problems, Mobile Advertising Is Mostly Boring in Online Video Daily on 10/05/2015

    One of the main reasons advertisers have only tentatively put their dollars into mobile advertising is because the formats are unexciting and ineffective. It's time to innovate.

  • The TV Is Dead, Long Live The TV in MediaDailyNews on 08/11/2015

    Advances in the technology that enables brands to push ads out on television has kept the channel simmering, even if viewers are waning. Programmatic TV is gaining a foothold despite offering less functionality than its online namesake.

  • MCNs Breaking Through For Entertainment Marketers in Marketing: Entertainment on 06/10/2015

    MCNs have emerged as an incredibly important conduit for entertainment brands to reach audiences they simply cannot find anywhere else. Viewers of MCNs are comprised almost entirely of pre-teens and young adults, who were the first to move en masse away from traditional television consumption.

  • Ad Industry Has To Solve Its VPAID Mobile Hang Ups in Online Video Daily on 06/08/2015

    HTML5 support was not added to VPAID until 2012. The repercussions of this still being felt throughout the video advertising industry today. But the industry -- publishers and advertisers have to get with it if the industry wants to really reap the benefits of the growth in mobile.

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