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Nick Worth

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Nick Worth is Chief Marketing Officer at B2C marketing automation company Selligent Marketing Cloud. He often writes about the evolution and future of marketing, addressing a broad range of topics relating to consumer behavior, technology evolution and opportunities for marketers to engage with their audiences more effectively. He is co-author of the book "Marketing to the Entitled Consumer: How to Turn Unreasonable Expectations into Lasting Relationships," available October 30, 2018.

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  • How to Ensure AI Doesn't Make Your Customers Hate You in Digital News Daily on 10/16/2017

    "South Park" viewers got a taste of AI gone bad when characters on the show deliberately messed with viewers' Amazon Echo devices, adding weird items to viewers' grocery lists, changing their clocks and getting devices to repeat obscenities. While your marketing plan probably doesn't aim to create chaos for consumers, you must be cautious about how your AI-powered outreach actually operates in the wild.

  • Brands Get Creative In The Age Of Empathy in Marketing Daily on 09/06/2017

    By applying consistent and rigorous TLC and closely following trailblazer empathy brands, marketers can build their own breakthrough brand that touch consumers at their core and create life-long loyalty.

  • Entitled Consumers Need Your Empathy in Engage:Millennials on 01/16/2017

    The comedian Louis CK used to tell the story of an airplane passenger next to him, who was angry to find that the brand new high-speed internet on his plane wasn't working: "I mean, how quickly does the world owe him something that he knew existed only 10 seconds ago?"

  • Millennials' Technology Habits Will Change Direct Marketing in Email Insider on 04/25/2016

    Millennials are now the largest working generation in the U.S., and their habits are very different than those of earlier generations. Direct marketers who have constructed an email program to address earlier generational cohorts will find that their campaigns increasingly fall flat without some key strategic changes.

  • Marketers Can Cash In On Mobile Moments in Mobile Marketing Daily on 07/07/2015

    Many marketers' concept of mobile is already outdated. For marketers just forming a mobile strategy, it's important to plan for the future of mobile, not the past. Here are five mobile innovations that should be in every marketer's plan.

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