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Jessy Davis

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  • How To Monetize Social Networks in Engage:Millennials on 09/18/2015

    The digital revolution is here, and e-commerce is bigger than ever. We're buying everything from groceries to cars online. The rise of this new medium has paved the way for not only marketers to find new ways to reach their intended audiences but for users to capitalize on what they may or may not already be doing. Digital networks establish ways people are connected to each other. Those with a larger following (more friends and followers) are considered "influencers."

  • Do Brands Influence Millennials or Do Millennials Influence Brands? in Engage:Millennials on 07/17/2015

    Millennials have changed the rules of influence. They have created and become their own celebrities, role models and icons. And every social network platform that pops up breeds a new set of stars. From YouTube and Vine to Twitter and Snapchat, anyone with a smartphone can create and become anything they want.

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