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Andrew Budkofsky

Member since September 2008

  • Publisher and CRO Rolling Stone
  • 152 Highwood Ave
  • Tenafly New Jersey
  • 07670 USA

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  • The Trumping Of Adblock Plus by Ari Rosenberg (Publishing Insider on 03/03/2016)

    Consumers are always going to win out.  They want their privacy, and they want to be able to control their experience when they're online.  Is that such a big deal?  Publishers should accept adblocking technology and work with them to offer solutions that satisfy their revenue needs, as well as the user expereince.  Of all the dialogue going on out there about adblockers, I'm not reading anything about how the advertisers are thinking about better ways to get their message across (i.e. better creative) or how publishers are monetizing their content via micro payments. 

  • Grand Rapids Epic Dub Flips the Bird to NY Media by Steve Smith (VidBlog on 05/31/2011)

    Sight, sound and motion. The best way to get a message across. Great article Steve, thanks for bringing this one to my attention!

  • Gerber, Marchese Signal Mini Exodus From Digital To Traditional Media by Joe Mandese (Online Media Daily on 03/25/2011)

    Is it an exodus, or is it old media realizing it needs to catch up with the exploding digital arena and hire experts that help take them to the next level?

  • Woe The Digital Sale: Can I Get A Little Feedback? by Amy Auerbach and Jason Krebs (Publishing Insider on 08/26/2010)

    I may have read the question wrong, but he was asking how he can get any feedback at all. In almost every one pof my conversations with digital salespeople, the biggest challenge the publishing side faces is getting two-way communication going with the agency side of the business. I seems that agencies don't have the time needed to provide insightful responses or provide any feedback.

  • Multicultural Ad Spending Drops, Cable Bright Spot by Wayne Friedman (MediaDailyNews on 03/12/2010)

    I wonder how digital ranked vs. a year ago....

  • Bad Brand Entertainment That Kills A TV Show? We're Waiting For Evidence by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 09/15/2009)

    The shows you mention have enough popularity that people will sit through them. But don't think that viewers on the other end don't cringe when the A.I. singers flaunt around in a Ford and close the song sitting on the hood. When the winners of a Survivor challenge win a candy bar and it's presented front and center on the screen - my wife and I look at each other and roll our eyes. There's more to turning off a viewer than turning off the show.

  • Metrics Muddle: The Struggle For An Online GRP by Adam Kasper (Video Insider on 08/04/2009)

    Great topic. And there's something to be said for you being a glutton for punishment! I'm looking forward to having you share your thoughts on your internal agency GRP methodology. We've been preaching that we're at the ready to fund research to measure the effectiveness of online video, so if clients need the extra boost to make them comfortable, then let's together work to usher them into the medium.

  • An Advertiser's Guide To Video Snacking by Jaffer Ali (Video Insider on 06/02/2009)

    Good stuff. The challenge for advertisers is to get people to their site. They're better off creating custom content that speaks specifically to their brands attributes, and then promoting and distributing that video across targeted sites. They can always post the video on their site as well but the natural search results for that video will be much greater because of the further reach.

  • The Buyer and Seller As Caricature by Kendall Allen (Online Spin on 05/18/2009)

    Ahh, one of THE most talked about topics in our business. Love the article. I shared it with my team.

  • The Next Big Thing? by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin on 04/29/2009)

    How about we invest in what's big now, instead of chasing the next big thing? Clients haven't invested in solutions that can help them today, and they already want to know what's next!

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