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Brad Nierenberg

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RedPeg CEO/Founder Brad Nierenberg is the man behind the magic. Led by the idea to create an agency he’d aspire to work for, Brad created RedPeg 25 years ago. As a 70-person independent and award-winning brand engagement marketing agency with offices in D.C. and Dubai, RedPeg creates memorable experiences for some great brands such as Amazon, AT&T, GEICO, TD Bank and Qatar Airways.

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  • Gaming's Pendulum Will Swing Back To Destination Experiences in Marketing Insider on 03/19/2020

    Gaming continues to expand globally as technology matures, while at the same time growing roots on a local basis to bring back social opportunities.

  • Why Aren't More Brands In Gaming Space? in Marketing Insider on 08/21/2019

    Gaming is officially a $43 billion industry. Still, non-endemic brands are still nervous to take the leap into this industry -- and they are seriously missing out on an untapped audience.

  • Buy Or Sell: Brands Connecting With Gamers in Marketing: Sports on 09/20/2016

    It's no secret anymore-eSports has reached a level of legitimacy. Brands are rapidly seeking out any opportunity to sink their toes into the shiny eSports sand.

  • Look Into My Gaming Crystal Ball in Marketing: Sports on 06/21/2016

    In an industry as tight-lipped as gaming, speculating about the up-and-coming trends is like navigating the stock market with tealeaves. Big news is kept under lock and key because even a small leak will end up on the front page of the Internet. Though it's difficult to predict which tech innovation or new entertainment trend will pop up next, I'd wager that if you really know the industry, you'd be able to paint a picture of what lies ahead. Take a look at my painting-Monet or Picasso?

  • It Started With Pong in Marketing: Sports on 05/17/2016

    Competition is universal.

  • Defining The New Breed Of Athlete in Marketing: Sports on 04/19/2016

    If you looked up the definition of an athlete, there wouldn't be an image beside it. Why? Because athletes come in all shapes and sizes and no single person embodies the term. Every sport is different in its demands, with each requiring its own set of physical and mental challenges, but it's not just those aspects that define an athlete. We're in the digital age, where what constitutes a sport isn't as black and white as it was 20 years ago. Gaming has arrived and with it, the gaming athlete.

  • Philanthropy Events 2.0: No More Rubber Chicken Dinners in Marketing: Causes on 03/23/2016

    DC is home to countless charity events for an endless number of causes. Nowadays, charity events are a dime a dozen. Every weekend there's a full slate of black-tie banquets supporting causes across the spectrum. The number of them continues to grow at a rapid rate. It's great to see the level of dedication to philanthropic causes, but it makes standing out in the crowd that much more difficult.

  • Virtual Reality Is Becoming Our Own Reality in Marketing: Sports on 02/16/2016

    Virtual reality is coming, but you already knew that. It's taking you on journeys to places once reserved for the imagination or the daredevils! That's the fun part. I see VR heading in a fun and practical direction. Thus far, virtual reality has been somewhat of a novelty-something brands with big budgets use to create a unique experience. It hasn't proliferated the mainstream in use and application yet, but that's all about to change. Why? Because it's not just about showing someone the experience; it's about getting him or her to feel it.

  • My Franchise Is Better Than Yours in Marketing: Sports on 01/19/2016

    If I were to give you the opportunity to own one major league sports franchise, which one would you choose, the All-American Dallas Cowboys, the revered New York Yankees, or even that local team you bled the colors of from childhood into your adult years? I may be in the minority here, but I'd tell you none of them. Not because I wouldn't want one, but because the marketer and entrepreneur in me sees greater opportunity elsewhere - in eSports.

  • Is Anyone Really Working Today? in MAD on 11/25/2015

    The bags are packed, there's last-minute grocery shopping to be done, and Black Friday sales are around the corner. Work is the last thing on anybody's mind on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.

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