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Julia Amorim

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  • Transparency: The Future Of Advertising, Marketing Sectors in Marketing Daily on 11/27/2018

    While senior marketing executives need to be mindful of budget, no brand can afford to have transparency come at the cost of decreasing performance.

  • Why Viewability Metrics Can't Predict Advertising ROI in Real-Time Daily on 08/28/2015

    Buyers of digital advertising want their ads to be seen-a point so obvious that it might even seem trivial. Thus, in order to help brands ensure this result, the Media Ratings Council (MRC) has released viewability guidelines based on an ad's likelihood of being seen. Viewability, then, might seem an ideal metric by which brands can choose those vendors most likely to return the highest engagement.

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  • Advertisers, Agencies Plan Shift From General To Targeted Ad Networks, Remain Dubious About DSPs by Joe Mandese (Online Media Daily on 11/01/2010)

    Many networks are driving the shift to targeted audience over environment and some are going a step further by marrying the best of both audience and environment. While the feelings among media buyer/agencies is that budgets may be shifting to embrace audience, this doesn’t mean a loss for all ad networks. However, the ones that aren’t evolving with this shift are in danger. A fixation on audience without regard for environment is not a sustainable or even practical solution for all advertisers. Here's my extended take on this:

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