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Mark Smith

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Mark Smith is President of Kitewheel, a Boston-based provider of a cloud-based customer engagement hub for orchestrating real-time consumer journeys across any channel. A 20+ year analytics and customer marketing veteran, Mark is a true data scientist, holding a Ph.D. in mathematics and statistics from the University of Edinburgh, where he also worked with the University’s parallel computing center. Mark has spent his entire business career focused on the application of advanced statistical and computing techniques to solve real-world business problems. He frequently shares these experiences in industry conferences, blogs and news articles as well as hands on consulting with Kitewheel clients. Prior to joining Kitewheel, he held leadership positions at Pitney Bowes Software, Portrait Software and was the founder and President of the predictive analytics software firm, Quadstone.

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  • More MarTech Tools, Less Market Consolidation? in Digital News Daily on 07/20/2017

    Scott Brinker's annual Marketing Technology Landscape graphic is a reminder that the marketing and advertising technology ecosystem continues to grow at a startling rate. This year, five times as many marketing automation vendors were added to the chart than were subtracted. There are now 212 companies in total, a 36% increase. Brinker notes that this is a strong sign against the consolidation that many experts have predicted. As he points out, if the market for these tools were really consolidating, would we see this much growth in 2017? In my estimation, there are two, more telling indicators that substantial consolidation across the marketing technology landscape is still in the distant future.

  • Debunking The Great Omni-Channel Myth in Real-Time Daily on 10/01/2015

    There is a challenge for brand marketers and their agency partners to know what to do when engaging consumers in real-time across channels. This is new ground for everyone. How should we get it right?

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