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Traver Hutchins

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Healthcare Consultant focused on maximizing cross platform marketing opportunities for select media companies. Owner of an urgent care chain: ASAP Urgent Care. Founder and Board member of Remedy Health Media, a leading Digital & Point of Care Marketing Firm.

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  • When Watson Comes For Your Job, Give It To Him by Kaila Colbin (Online Spin on 05/13/2016)

    Robots don't equal the demise of large swaths of the workforce....instead they inform us as to how we need evolve to develop skills a robot can't develop....creativity & innovation. In so doing we ge the best of what Watson can offer AND our human force can add the critical intagibles.From WAPO recently: MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson says, in his book “The Second Machine Age,” that we have reached a pivotal moment where technology is replacing skills and people at an accelerated pace. He argues that creativity and innovation are becoming competitive advantages in the race against artificial intelligence, because creativity is something a machine has a hard time replicating.

  • Using Technology To Deliver Value by Eric Solomon (Marketing: Health on 03/11/2016)

    Very worthy commentary on the need to take advantage of the emerging mediums for health marketing. "Being There" for the patient is very different than "Marketing To" the patient.Newer media are more apt to provide health solutions when a patient is receptive and in need.  These are worth the muddle processIn contrast, "Blunt Instrument Media"  such broacast and general interest print has little chance of informing or influencing due to the narow market the marketer serves or the likeihood that the target market was receptive at the time of impact. Worse, these media choices inflame the political arena and support the thought that healthcare wouldn't be as expensive if there wasn't so much marketing.The 60 second spot is under seige. The new shiny toys are poised to rapidly take that share. Clients and agencies need to be less risk-adverse and more proactive to support & adpot these emerging enterprises. In "Being There" they will more appropriately & effectively fill the consumer (patient) need.

  • Brands Can Act Like 'Dad Saving The Day' by Vineet Thapar (Marketing: Health on 01/08/2016)

    In support of your observation is the lack of consumer/patients that go to brand RX websites.By "being there", RX brands can achieve the type of deeper relationships that have been the domain of consumer brands.To amplify this critical "being there sensibilty", RX brands need to also solve for the "when" of the equation...being there when: just diagnosed, when looking for "somebody like me", when in a point of care environment.The domination of empthatheic messaging with the right medium at the right time will provide that relationship with the brand to develop in the most meaningful & powerful way.

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