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  • Lord, Blessed Is The Man Who Trusts in You. Forbes, Not So Much by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 02/16/2015)

    Amen. The need for revenue has blinded all other priorities—much, I suppose, as a drowning man who is grabbing at a life ring doesn't concern himself with whether that life ring was manufactured in a LEED-certified factory. It becomes clear to me that the last bastion of true journalism may very well be donation model. Pro Publica, your local NPR station and such are beholden only to the generosity of a small fraction of their readers, listeners or viewers who are demanding the highest standards of journalism. So give regularly and generously. They may be our last hope.

  • Gladwell on Social Media and Revolution: So Wrong It Makes My Eyes Burn by Erik Sass (The Social Graf on 03/07/2011)

    I can't say I agree with Mr. Gladwell's "logic" on the topic, I do think there has been way too much hyper-ventilating about how Twitter and Facebook "caused" these revolutions. That is nonsense, they are simply means of communications. Did Paul Revere "cause" the American revolution? Or, from a blog post of ours a couple of weeks ago, "Paper didn’t create Christianity just because the Bible was printed on it."

  • Open Letter To Tony Post, CEO, Vibram FiveFingers USA by Thom Forbes (Marketing Daily - Top of the News on 12/06/2010)

    Nice article Thom. And next time someone asks about your FiveFingers, tell them to check out The site is intended to explain the philosophy of natural running while giving you an excuse you ogle hot naked people.

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