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Loren Wilson

Member since September 2015

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  • Loren attended OMMA Video, September 30, 2015
    Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC

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  • The Vilification Of Ad Networks: Fair or Not? by Loren Wilson (Real-Time Daily on 03/18/2016)

    Aggregating volume is a service that provides value. Yahoo, for example, works with "middle layers" to get access to smaller, quality publishers for their paid search feed. They benefit from not messing with thousands of small guys and still getting the marketshare (partners have made up nearly 55% of their search network in the past), publishers get access to a valuable monetization product and the middle layers run a nice business. Publishers, and the smaller publishers especially, aren't always able to be innovative when it comes to monetization.  When a network can be successful in aggregating volume it can often times lead to better deals with exchanges and advertisers, which allows publishers to focus on what they do well like write great content and attract an audience. The YouTube MCN model is a great example. It can be win-win-win.

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