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Fred Joseph

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  • The Top 5 Mobile Marketing Trends for Political Ads in Marketing: Politics on 02/05/2016

    Many believe that digital marketing during the 2012 election led to Obama's upper hand and just about everything digital helped him to win the race. Given this, it's clear that leveraging mobile media will help the next president to pave the way to the White House. When it comes to politics, the mobile screen is often where voters will be accessing information about politicians.

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  • Lack Of Transparency Causes $10 Billion Loss In Mobile by Ben Frederick (Mobile Marketing Daily on 10/13/2015)

    Thanks for the comment Mark. As you know e-Marketer's latest figures show circa $70b ad spend in mobile, so easy to make the maths about how much the industry is losing... By using S4M transparent tech with viewability standard of 100% pixels downloaded + 1 sec for ad formats and 100% landing page downloaded + 1 sec to qualify a visit, no wastage should be made and all $ spent by advertisers become fully working $. When using S4M any impression that scores below the standard above is not charged to advertisers. Last, we went for 1,000 point scale as we want to show as much granularity as possible in the report and dashboard available to our clients.Hope this answers your question.

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