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Dan Collins

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Dan joined GKV in 2003 and leads strategic planning for the agency. He has more than 20 years of marketing, strategic planning and advertising experience across a range of categories. GKV’s Challenger Brand approach is more than a philosophy, it is at the core of what Dan and his partners at GKV have found to be effective. Dan went to Lafayette College for his BA and Duke University for his MBA.

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  • Sell Your Challenger Brands in Marketing Daily on 11/07/2018

    Unlike the other brands in the portfolio, challenger brands don't start with a perspective of scale. They start with a perspective of sacrifice.

  • 6 Digital Secrets Challenger Brands Use To Drive Growth in MediaDailyNews on 09/24/2018

    Challenger brands messaging is focused on the consumer. They favor authentic over aspirational.

  • Sometimes, It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It in Marketing Daily on 10/19/2017

    In today's world of product parity, way at the bottom of the creative brief, is your opportunity for accelerated growth.

  • Be A Brand On A Mission in Marketing: CPG on 06/09/2017

    CPG brands have lived in the world of USPs (unique selling propositions) since the Forties. In 1981, the USP evolved into positioning. Given how much marketing has evolved in the past 36 years, maybe it's time for a brand's strategic foundation to evolve.

  • Turning 2017 Marketing Predictions Into Brand, Business Success in Marketing: CPG on 01/18/2017

    I was called the other morning by a local TV station to come to the studio for an on-camera interview about my marketing predictions for 2017. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I had meetings with clients all morning, so I missed my 15 minutes of fame. I say "fortunately" as I no doubt would have just rambled on about all the things that everyone else says - mobile video, influencer marketing, AI, programmatic media, data data data - and you all would have been bored to tears.

  • Recognizing 3 Challenger Brand Geniuses  in Marketing: CPG on 07/19/2016

    When was the last time that you discovered a new product, and then realized it was only new to you? Or, rediscovered a product that you used to love, but had fallen off your radar? For me, that would be avocados. I've always liked guacamole, but that was the only use I had for them.

  • From Underdog To People's Choice in Marketing: CPG on 02/29/2016

    According to Catalina's 2015 Mid-Year Review, total sales volume for 62 of the Top 100 brands declined by an average of over 4%. So who grew and what does it mean? Private label and new brands, and it goes far beyond just "Innovate or Die."

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  • The Funnel Isn't Dead -- It Just Went On A Diet by Beth Donnelly Egan (Publishers Daily on 06/15/2017)

    What is a little bit ironic is that the funnel focused us on evaluating and improving our "conversion rates", which is the same discipline that we are using today. I suspect that people have always had different shaped funnels, we just generalized them before because we didn't have the information we have today.

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