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Stephen Upstone

Member since March 2016Contact Stephen

The company was founded by experienced mobile advertising executives Stephen Upstone (CEO) and Marco Van de Bergh (CTO), with the mission to improve mobile advertising for advertisers, publishers and end-users alike, by providing more engaging ad formats that improve the end-user experience as well as deliver better performance and results. Stephen is currently Chair of the MMA UK and member of the MMA EMEA Board. He has worked in mobile advertising since 2006 as Managing Director Europe for Ad Infuse (sold to Velti) and then VP Sales and Business Development Europe for Velti after the acquisition.

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  • GDPR Means U.S. Marketers Should Demand More From Data in Digital News Daily on 06/05/2018

    GDPR is a wake-up call to marketers across the US to take stock of their own data and think about whether they are maximizing its potential. That starts with recognizing it as a key asset that can quickly depreciate.

  • The (Mobile) Video Viewability Challenge in Real-Time Daily on 08/19/2016

    While an agreement between all parties involved in delivering a campaign was all that was necessary to implement viewability standards on desktop, mobile has proven to be more difficult. In order to track viewability on mobile, the ad must be run using VPAID tags. The challenge the industry faces is that while VPAID makes up a large proportion of desktop inventory, it is not nearly so widely available on mobile. This means that for large campaigns, particularly where advertisers expect their ads to be run in specific publications, it becomes difficult to find the quantity of VPAID inventory required to be able to deliver the campaign in full.

  • Winning Over The Ad Blockers in Real-Time Daily on 04/25/2016

    A quick search of Google Trends, and it's clear interest in ad blocking has reached an all-time high. According to a study by Retale, 20% of adults are now using an ad blocker on their mobile device. The industry is facing a challenge when it comes to convincing the blockers to embrace advertising.

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