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Tim Vanderhook

Member since April 2016

  • CEO Viant
  • Irvine California
  • 92614 USA

As the President and CEO of Viant, a Time Inc. company, Tim sets and drives the overall direction and business strategy for the company and each of its brands. In 1999, Tim, along with brothers Chris and Russ identified the high growth potential of digital advertising, and in the early stages of Internet advertising founded the interactive advertising platform Specific Media. The company grew to become one the largest online ad networks, and raised more than $130 million in funding. Tim’s vision spawned the development of behavioral targeting technology, which led to groundbreaking interest-based digital advertising practices that would become an industry standard. In this time, Tim led the company’s evolution from a small family business to an industry-leading multinational corporation that pioneered people-based advertising – targeting registered users, as opposed to anonymous cookies – with the acquisition of MySpace for $35 million in 2011. Tim and his brother, Chris, launched the Viant Advertising CloudTM in 2014, a comprehensive suite of people-based advertising applications available on-demand, in the cloud. The Viant Advertising CloudTM includes the Identity Management Platform, which empowers marketers with the ability to onboard and activate their customer databases against Viant’s 1.2 billion registered users. It also offers Media Execution and Data Analytics platform, giving marketers robust audience segmentation, media buying, and reporting solutions. In 2016, Viant was acquired by Time Inc., which was looking for a partner that would help accelerate Time Inc.’s ability to offer advanced media targeting and measurement solutions across the massive online audience consuming their premium content daily.

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  • 2016 Presidential Election Shifts From Cookies To Real Voters in Marketing: Politics on 04/27/2016

    The 2016 presidential election season has already proven to be a game changer for political advertisers and campaign strategists. In past election seasons, television was the medium for political advertising. Put simply, although still an important cog in political marketing strategies, TV advertising just isn't as effective as it once was.

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