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Karl Stillner

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Karl has been working in the mobile industry for 14 years. Prior to PushSpring, Karl ran an app search and recommendation company, Appolicious, that provided solutions to companies like Samsung and Verizon. Prior to Appolicous, Karl was the CFO of Mobiata which made early award-winning mobile apps like FlightTrack and FlightBoard. He sold Mobiata to Expedia in November of 2010. He ran business development at Zumobi where he was responsible for mobile app partnerships with companies like MSNBC, Hearst, Bonnier, & Source Interlink. Karl has a BA from Northwestern University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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  • Are Marketers Focusing On The Wrong Advances In Television Advertising? by Karl Stillner (Television News Daily on 09/12/2018)

    Thanks for the comment Ed. It's true that the TV is a shared device however individual digital devices can be mapped back to addressable TV Households, providing strong data signals including life stages (job seekers, expectant parents, etc.), family brand affiliations (family subscribes to Spectrum Reach, flies Delta and stays at Mariott), etc. With indexed linear, brands using modern audience data can in many cases actually lower their media costs by letting indexes drive their linear plans, often in lower rated networks and dayparts that index high towards their target audience, rather than running primarily in the same high profile networks and dayparts the broader market is chasing, all while transacting using legacy buying demos. We are not predicting how quickly marketers will broadly take advantage of using modern audience data in TV campaigns, however we are steadfast in our viewpoint that utilizing modern audience data in advanced TV is a superior technique and will provide material benefits to marketers.

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