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David Simutis

Member since September 2005Contact David

  • Product Marketing Manager Sizmek
  • Twitter: montytornado
  • Denver Colorado
  • 80221 USA

I've worked in ad tech, creative production, media planning, and strategy.

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  • 4 Sound Solutions To Rich-Media Programmatic's Top Challenges in Real-Time Daily on 06/15/2016

    Effective digital advertising comes from that powerful combo of placement, timing, and engagement. Programmatic, the relatively new power-hitter on the digital team that's been moving up the ranks these past few years, handles ad placement and timing like a pro-and is improving all the time. That solid performer, rich media, on the other hand, brings advertising engagement: the experiential element that makes an advertiser's message "stick." With these two powerful digital athletes, you'd think programmatic and rich media would be hitting grand slams for advertisers left and right. But programmatic hasn't fully welcomed rich media's contributions to its team, or at least not yet. And there are a few reasons why.

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