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Dan Rayburn

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  • Video Targeting Tips by Michael Shehan (Video Insider on 12/02/2008)

    Hi Michael, thanks for the link to the post. What I wanted to add was that you say the lack of targeted advertising is a "perception" on my part, but that incorrect. The vast majority of websites I visit are not doing any targeting at all with their online video ads. MSNBC gives me women's razor commercials. CNN gives me ads for products that only someone over 50 would be interested in. ESPN gives me ads for golf products and I hate golf. gives me ads for Ameritrade, yet I have never traded a single share of stock ever. And many times I will get ads for products being advertised in brick and mortar stores, yet none of those stores are local to me or even within a hundred miles of me. You'd think they could at least do targeting based on an IP lookup and deliver me an ad for something relevant based on geographic location. I don't see much of this taking place at all. If the online video industry is going to truly grow, like it needs to, targeting must be figured out AND implemented by these sites, or else they are never going to get the CPM rates they need to make a business out of this. Thanks.

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