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Aaron Doades

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  • New Tech Ushers In New Age Of Publisher Yield  in Publishers Daily on 10/17/2016

    While publishers have benefited from the ability to easily sell through new channels and finely target their audiences, they have also borne the brunt of user frustration as a result of ad technology that ruins the on-site experience.

  • How To Choose A Real-Time-Bidding Solution  in Programmatic Insider on 05/16/2013

    A few years ago, only the most sophisticated companies in the industry even knew what real-time bidding was. Now, there are demand-side platforms that cater specifically to mom and pop small businesses. With all of the clutter that our industry collectively puts out, it's important for a company of any size to know what to look for when evaluating potential bidder platforms.

  • Programmatic Premium: It's Already Here (Kind Of) in Programmatic Insider on 02/12/2013

    It's the year of premium mobile, social, video cross-platform RTB! Oh, also: big data. With all the predictions for 2013 flying around, it can be easy to forget what we've already accomplished as an industry to date and what we still have to build. Each of the above pillars have some amazing companies tackling their respective challenges in innovative ways, and a lot of goals that were considered ambitious just a year ago have already been accomplished. One area also getting a lot of buzz is programmatic premium, and I think we're further along than a lot of folks believe.

  • RTB Is Growing Up in Programmatic Insider on 09/27/2012

    It was recently reported by Parks Associates that real-time bidding (RTB) accounts for 12% of total digital display advertising. While 12% may seem like a small percentage when you consider how much airtime the industry devotes to RTB, that 12% actually represents a roughly $800 million business. RTB is quickly moving beyond its infancy and into its adolescent stage of life.

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  • RTB Is Growing Up by Aaron Doades (Programmatic Insider on 09/27/2012)

    Hi Ron - Thanks for the comment. It seems like your response addresses two points: Audience is not the only thing that matters, and context/environment matter greatly. Let me start by saying I agree with both of your arguments. Audience has been the main focus of RTB until this point, but I believe it's been a bit of an incomplete approach. The general philosophy of RTB continues to evolve and I think that the next phase is a much greater emphasis on inventory quality. Having said that, I believe that context (through the lens of the page's content) only matters if it's being used to gauge purchase intent or brand preference of the audience for that page. The reason that a lot of contextual buys are so successful is that the page's content is being used as a proxy for the user's purchase intent or preference. If this insight about the user is best gleaned from the context of the page, then context matters. If an advertiser is able to say that someone is in market for a new car through the use of 3rd party data, in a manner that has a higher degree of certainty than the current page's subject context, then context is less crucial (in that particular case). Regarding quality/trustworthiness of the environment in which the ad is appearing, I believe this is of utmost importance. One of the points I tried to emphasize in the above post is the need to look at the actual quality of the placement regarding safety, viewability, etc. I don't consider this to be "context" in the way that the word is generally used, so we may be saying the same thing but with a different understanding of the word "context".

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