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Beatriz Mallory

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  • Hispanics Overlooked In Marketing Of Rare-disease Treatments by Beatriz Mallory (Marketing Insider on 05/17/2018)

    It's so nice to hear from you, Frank. Thank you for your thoughts, but I'm afraid it's more complex than discrimination. It's more like negligence, more influenced by perceived cost. Often, to determine whether to even do translations, consumer marketers in the pharma industry, and to some degree payers, look at the following: Prevalence - the percentage of people with the disease are Hispanic - something that is generally unknown The actual count of people with the disease, which is also usually unknown even with diseases where there are disease registries But we must keep advocating in every way to support these families. As an example, some of us try to communicate is that the cost of NOT translating even basic drug information can be much higher if there are adverse events and they are sued because the patient didn't understand instructions.

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