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Neil Adler

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Neil Adler is a Group Copy Supervisor at Mosaic Group, an FCB Health Network Company. He is a pioneer in the integration of neuro and behavioral sciences into the creative process. You can follow Neil on Twitter @neuroadvertise or reach him at

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  • Developing Creative To Incite The Non-conscious Mind by Neil Adler (MediaDailyNews on 01/05/2017)

    Hi James, thanks for your comment! Neuromarketers use many neuro and biometric techniques to measure different aspects of non-conscious consumer behavior - independently and in combination. For example, I think eye tracking and facial coding (to evaluate emotion) are the simplest techniques to implement, and relatively inexpensive, with companies that have technology to measure changes through webcams. A less known technique in marketing is using Implicit Association Testing, which initially was used by academics to detect biases (eg, stereotypes). This approach can be really helpful towards identifying non-conscious attitudes towards concepts and brands. I know there are market researchers who talk about brands as stereotypes. Check out this website for an example of how IAT works.

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