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Michael Collins

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Former CEO and current advisor to Adelphic, a Viant Company. Media industry veteran with deep expertise in ad tech, solution deliver, data and analytics.

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  • 3 Keys To CPG Marketing Success: Precision, Scale And First-Party Insights  in Marketing: CPG on 03/21/2017

    Most B2C marketers now have more distribution channels than they did just a few years ago. Though these channels afford marketers more data to leverage and opportunities for conversion, they also create more challenges in closing the attribution loop. What's more, brands also have to grapple with consumers making purchases both in-store and online. This means that they have to market their products in such a way that entices the customer to make a purchase in two very different environments, where they must be equally adept at closing the attribution loop and making use of the resulting data.

  • True Omni-channel Is The Only Avenue For CPGs in Marketing: CPG on 01/27/2017

    The winning focus for any consumer packaged goods brand is stated in its name - the consumer. These brands, more than any other, are faced with the challenge of ensuring their consumers have an effective and seamless marketing experience. In light of this focus, the CPG brands that will reign supreme in the marketing landscape are those that move away from a multi-channel approach and begin directing their marketing power towards true omni-channel tactics.

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