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Carlos Diaz

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A cofounder and Chief Revenue Officer at MAX, Carlos oversees sales and sales operations. This includes the development and execution of all of our brand marketing programs. He works with large consumer brands and their agencies to develop national marketing programs based on precise value exchanges with music artists. Carlos has a deep digital background that includes building and developing the Inside Sales department at ReachLocal. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Marketing & Management.

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  • Marketing To Hispanics Isn't Total Market Vs. Multicultural, It's About Knowing Your Audience in Marketing Insider on 07/05/2018

    Marketing that represents the diversity of America has come a long way in recent years, but the focus on total market and the widest possible reach is pushing marketers toward a false choice between multiculturalism on the one hand and a total market approach on the other. Both approaches have value, but understanding the nuances of your audience is an essential first step before adopting either strategy. This is an incredibly important point to effectively reach Hispanic communities.

  • Building A Multicultural Marketing Strategy That Works in Marketing Insider on 04/23/2018

    Today's marketers, recognizing that multicultural audiences in the U.S. represent a massive opportunity, are seeking new ways to engage and define those communities. Historically, there's been two camps. On the one hand, there's general consumer marketing, which is meant to speak to the total market-what you might call a "Main Street, USA" audience. On the other hand, there's multicultural marketing, which by default has basically become a catchall for non-white audiences.

  • Culturally Hi-Def: How To Integrate Music Into Cultural Marketing in Engage:Hispanics on 08/10/2017

    Brands that market to multicultural audiences have found music as a key approach to connecting across generations. But multicultural marketers sometimes overlook the many facets differentiating their target audiences, ranging from differing countries of origin to local cultures and experiences. To truly connect, marketers must craft precise messages for specific segments rather than treating the multicultural community as a singular audience.

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