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Michael Grimes

Member since September 2012Contact Michael

  • SVP, Director of Editorial Strategy Hill Holliday
  • Twitter: @grimesmichael
  • Boston Massachusetts
  • 02109 USA

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  • For Gen Z Social Media Shopping Is the New UGC in MAD on 03/16/2018

    Without having to witness the training-wheel phase of brands on social media, Gen Z carries fewer pre-existing expectations around exactly what role brands should be playing in social.

  • Engaging Consumers In The Era Of The Eight-Second Attention Span in MAD on 09/19/2017

    That eight-second attention span we've heard so much about? Well, it might really be an eight-second filter. And research indicates that consumers who are more apt to filter are also more likely to engage with content that they filter in and also more likely to buy products related to content they filter in.

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