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Susan O'Neal

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Prior to founding Dabbl, the first-ever attention marketplace powered by consumers, Susan spent 20 years in the fields of consumer research, branding, targeted marketing, promotions, loyalty and digital consumer engagement as a Consumer Analyst, B2B Marketer and Business Strategist and General Manager at companies including Grey Worldwide and Catalina Marketing. While her professional experience helped her understand what companies need to thrive, it was her experience as an everyday consumer, specifically a single working mother of three young children, that inspired her to find a better way for brands and consumers to collaborate together to create value. “We have to interact with consumers as partners, as peers, and Dabbl is the only place currently where as a marketer you can do that, and consumers respond honestly and enthusiastically.”

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  • A New Story: Reinvent Digital Marketing For The New Consumer Relationship in Marketing Insider on 03/14/2018

    We've all seen this play out in life: There's the popular, interesting friend-the reason everyone comes to the party-and the sidekick, the one everyone tolerates because they pick up the tab. This is also the story of media. Media companies (and social media platforms) are the cool friends who attract the audience. Brands pick up the tab in order to be included in that experience.

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