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Kean Graham

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CEO & Founder of MonetizeMore. MonetizeMore specializes in dramatically increasing ad revenues for premium publishers.

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  • GDPR Will Make Malvertisers More Profitable in Marketing Insider on 05/22/2018

    The day is almost here, and ad technology-affected companies are scrambling to become compliant by May 25. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced almost two years ago. Publishers have already seen emails from several ad networks requiring them to agree to their new data policies. Many of the ad networks are still not sure how they will become compliant by tokenizing the data of each EU user that doesn't opt into sharing their data.

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  • Why Ad Tech Should Worry About The Rise Of Marketing Tech by Dave Morgan (Online Spin on 01/14/2016)

    It's amazing how these black hat malvertisers are able to outsmart some of the most complex ad networks, DSPs and ad exchanges like Google. There are teams dedicated to stop these horrible ads but they work mostly on a reactive basis. Even the ad quality offerings can only detect malvertising and do not have the ability to suppress these ads. The damage has already been done by the time the publisher is notified. I hope the ad industry can ban together to dramatically supress malvertising because it's true, this is polluting "the water where they fish and take sustenance."

  • Purch's Phil Barrett: The War Is On For Lifetime Value, Header Bidding Heats Up by Tobi Elkin (RTBlog on 12/28/2015)

    Header bidding will be the future of remnant ad optimization. Direct premium campaigns can still be prioritized over header bid demand via ad server rules. Publishers can work with header bid networks to anonymize their supply so that header bidding does not cannibalize their premium ad inventory buys. Publishers can make their premium inventory more exclusive by providing unique sponsorship opportunities outside of the standard ad inventory as well. With the right remnant ad strategy, header bidding can harmoniously co-exist with an ambitious premium ad sales strategy free of cannibalization.

  • Solving The Unsold Inventory Conundrum by Cheryl Ng (Publishing Insider on 04/09/2015)

    At MonetizeMore we have based our business model on this hybrid strategy that this article speaks about. Premium publishers fully outsource their ad monetization to MonetizeMore and we implement and optimize every day using this hybrid strategy. That is why we've been able to outperform all other yield optimization companies on a consistent basis. We're so confident in our results that we charge a percentage of extra ad revenues that we earn for each premium publisher. We only charge when the publisher has increased ad revenues. You can check out a summary of our premium publisher offering here:

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