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Benjamin Hansz

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Benjamin Hansz is the Vice President of Strategy at Simplaex. Previously, Hansz was Vice President of EMEA & APAC at Fiksu. In his role, Hansz managed Fiksu's portfolio of international clients on its mobile user acquisition platform. During this time, Hansz helped grow the EMEA and APAC regions by more than 2000% in just under three years, while also growing revenues from near zero to almost $50 million per year. Hansz established Fiksu’s first non-US office based in London, and managed his team across five other offices throughout EMEA and APAC. Formerly, Hansz held business development roles at various startups in addition to established IT leaders like SAP and Hansz is a native of Pittsburgh, PA. He earned his BA in Physics from Wheaton College, and his MBA from London Business School. On Twitter, Benjamin is at @bjhansz.

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  • Many Battlefronts In War Against Duopoly in Digital News Daily on 06/14/2018

    It's easy to bemoan the presence of two giants, Google and Facebook- aka the duopoly - as the demise of digital advertising. What makes things worse is that the rest of the ecosystem isn't engaged as a united front against them, but simultaneously busy squabbling among themselves.

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