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David Karel

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  • Assembling A High-Performance Marketing Engine in Marketing Daily on 01/20/2014

    Change is coming at marketers fast and furiously, and they are well aware of it. Digital marketing is, of course, driving a lot of these changes, and its growing complexity makes it hard for marketers to know what to prioritize and how to budget.

  • Four Key Ingredients To A Winning 2014 Marketing Plan in Marketing Daily on 11/21/2013

    What does it take to create a marketing plan that will focus your limited time, resources and budget on what matters most to enable the business to beat its targets? Here are four planning ingredients that will set your marketing program up for success in 2014.

  • Marketing Lexicon: Lead Nurturing in Marketing Daily on 10/21/2013

    We have now turned the page to a new chapter in lead nurturing, where the other programs in your marketing mix can join hands with email to jointly nurture prospects toward the sale.

  • Marketing Lexicon: Full-Funnel Marketing in Marketing Daily on 09/12/2013

    As the B2B buying process becomes increasingly complex, with prospects doing more research on their own and waiting longer to engage with a sales rep, it's more critical than ever for marketers to reach target prospects early in the buying process and to keep nurturing them as they pass through the sales and marketing "funnel."

  • Marketing Funnel Lexicon: Social Advertising in Marketing Daily on 08/09/2013

    The goal of the mid-funnel is to fully educate your target audience on key subject areas and position your company as a trusted expert. For B2B marketing, this means getting prospects to engage with your content -- and one of the most effective vehicles for nurturing and educating leads though the buying process is social advertising.

  • Marketing Funnel Lexicon: Retargeting in Marketing Daily on 07/10/2013

    One of the best approaches to driving online conversions is retargeting. Brands of all sizes, from global enterprises to SMBs, can benefit from retargeting -- and thanks to the wide range of retargeting options available, marketers have a variety of ways to experiment and benefit from this versatile tactic.

  • Marketing Funnel Lexicon: Bottom-Funnel Programs  in Marketing Daily on 06/03/2013

    With the awareness-building and nurturing work you have done higher up in the funnel, you should have a healthy, growing pool of target prospects that are ready to share information, check out your free trial and possibly engage with your sales team. Bottom-funnel strategies can help move these prospects from consideration to conversion.

  • Marketing Funnel Lexicon: Mid-Funnel Programs in Marketing Daily on 05/06/2013

    Mid-funnel programs are truly the glue that help you begin to tap the value of the initial branding you have secured in the marketplace, and ensure you are keeping your lower funnel filled and growing.

  • Marketing Funnel Lexicon: Top-Funnel Programs in Marketing Daily on 04/04/2013

    Top-funnel campaigns convey what your company does, why your products are unique, and why customers should care about your company. There are many different tactics that you can implement at the top funnel, including display advertising, social media, and public relations.

  • Demystifying The Marketing Funnel: Lexicon in Marketing Daily on 03/05/2013

    How can marketers reach their target audience at every stage of the buying process? Most marketers would benefit from looking at the buyer's journey as a "funnel." Knowing where your key prospects are in the funnel -- and targeting them with relevant campaigns, content, and messaging every step of the way -- is the most important tenet of B2B marketing.

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  • Marketing Lexicon: Full-Funnel Marketing by David Karel (Marketing Daily on 09/12/2013)

    Thanks for your comment Gray. For certain, there are a lot of "twists and turns" when it comes to today's buyer's journey. But I do think that the overall paradigm of the "funnel" is still relevant. As marketers, we're still tasked with reaching as many people as possible in our target audience (top funnel), needing to educate and engage people as the proceed towards a sales conversation (mid funnel), and ultimately interested in driving conversions and new business (bottom funnel). The buying journey is at many times unpredictable, but with a full-funnel marketing approach, we put ourselves in a position to make an impact at every stage.

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