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Thursday, July 30, 2015
  • Google Refuses To Broaden 'Right To Be Forgotten'

    Google is opposing a demand by European privacy regulators to broaden the "right to be forgotten" by censoring search results worldwide. "We believe that … Read the whole story

  • AudienceScience Launches Cross-Device Targeting Technology

    AudienceScience, a demand-side platform that services brands and marketers directly, will this week announce the launch of a new cross-device targeting technology called "Signature." Read the whole story

  • Facebook Tests Profile Tagging

    If you ever feel like you really need to boil yourself down to some basic attributes so people can form judgments about you more … Read the whole story

  • Location Tracking Is The New Attribution Engine

    Mobile is like a portable people meter. When configured properly it can be used to associate media exposures with real-world shopping behaviors. Read the whole story