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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
  • Facebook Users Push To Proceed With Civil Rights Suit

    Facebook users are asking a judge to reject Facebook's argument that it's not responsible for illegal job ads posted by users. Read the whole story

  • Facebook Opens Up About Content-Policing Problems

    Responding to fresh revelations about its content policy, Facebook is further conceding that, yes, policing about a billion people's daily interactions is hard. Among … Read the whole story

  • Docs Want Warnings On Social Media

    Britain's Royal Society for Public Health recently published a new report, "#StatusOfMind," on the impact of social media on the health and well-being of … Read the whole story

  • Pay-TV, Internet Satisfaction Rates Remain Low

    In the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index, both sectors tied for last place among the 43 industries tracked. Only wireless telephone providers were the … Read the whole story

  • Supreme Court Deals Blow To Patent Trolls Shopping For Friendly Venues

    Patent trolls - entities or individuals who buy up patents with the sole intent of suing someone who invents something similar - were issued … Read the whole story