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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
  • Facebook Users Push To Proceed With Civil Rights Suit

    Facebook users are asking a judge to reject Facebook's argument that it's not responsible for illegal job ads posted by users. Read the whole story

  • Facebook Opens Up About Content-Policing Problems

    Responding to fresh revelations about its content policy, Facebook is further conceding that, yes, policing about a billion people's daily interactions is hard. Among ... Read the whole story

  • Docs Want Warnings On Social Media

    Britain's Royal Society for Public Health recently published a new report, "#StatusOfMind," on the impact of social media on the health and well-being of ... Read the whole story

  • Pay-TV, Internet Satisfaction Rates Remain Low

    In the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index, both sectors tied for last place among the 43 industries tracked. Only wireless telephone providers were the ... Read the whole story

  • Supreme Court Deals Blow To Patent Trolls Shopping For Friendly Venues

    Patent trolls - entities or individuals who buy up patents with the sole intent of suing someone who invents something similar - were issued ... Read the whole story