Daily Online Examiner
Thursday, June 1, 2017
  • Google Facing Two New Trademark Lawsuits Over AdWords

    A law firm and a fashion retailer have brought trademark infringement suits against Google over results in the search ads. Read the whole story

  • 50% Would Share Smart Device Data For Discounts

    When it comes to sharing data from smart devices, many consumers will give it up, for a price. That price can involve simple discounts … Read the whole story

  • CA Law Targets Assailants, Cohorts Who Post Video

    A new law under consideration in California would make it a criminal offense to record a violent felony in order to share it on … Read the whole story

  • Google Android Security's Top Bug Reward Payout Goes Unpaid

    Google said Thursday there were no payouts for the top reward. Google did pay 115 individuals with an average of $2,150 per reward and … Read the whole story

  • How Will Fake News Affect Online Ad Budgets?

    A survey by Yahoo's BrightRoll found 31% of digital media decision-makers polled will reduce spend with programmatic partners whose inventory includes brands associated with … Read the whole story