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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
  • Facebook Presses Judge To Dismiss 'Faceprint' Lawsuit

    Facebook says that Illinois lawmakers never meant to prohibit it from applying facial-recognition technology to photographs uploaded by users. Read the whole story

  • New Tech Tracks Ads Cross Device, Raises Privacy Concerns

    Ultrasonic pitches embedded into TV commercials or in ads served in a computer browser have the ability to connect with other devices. The human ... Read the whole story

  • Instant Articles: Trojan Horse For Publishers

    With Instant Articles, introduced in May, Facebook packaged its network, with over one billion users worldwide, and offered publishers what at first glance seems ... Read the whole story

  • YouTube Kids App Under Fire For Food And Bev Content

    The YouTube Kids app for children under 12 is "awash with food and beverage marketing that you won't find on other media platforms for ... Read the whole story