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Friday, January 22, 2016
  • Privacy Worries: Politicians Collect Our Data-Then Can Sell It

    Efforts to drive primary voters to caucus sites or voting locations are in sprint mode, as close in on the first primaries. No wonder … Read the whole story

  • Apple Presses Supreme Court To Hear Ebooks Antitrust Appeal

    Firing back at the Department of Justice, Apple says its decision to enter the ebook market had "tremendous procompetitive effects," resulting in benefits like … Read the whole story

  • FTC To Ad Tech Industry: More Transparency, User Control Over Data Necessary

    The Federal Trade Commission was clear about its position on ad tech and consumer privacy during AdExchanger's Industry Preview. The verdict: Ad tech is … Read the whole story

  • Google's $1 Billion Apple Payoff To Keep Search On iPhone

    A revenue-sharing advertising agreement between Apple and Google shows just how far companies will go to get close to consumers online. Read the whole story