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Thursday, May 19, 2016
  • Nextdoor Grapples With Racial Profiling

    Nextdoor.com, which operates local, place-based social networks, is revamping its usage guidelines because of what some critics are calling racial profiling by its members. Read the whole story

  • Google Challenges Illinois 'Faceprint' Law

    Requiring online photo services to follow an Illinois privacy law regarding "faceprints" would be unconstitutional, Google argues in new court papers. Read the whole story

  • The Data Tsunami Is Coming

    The premium publishing business online is an unequivocal disaster because we operate it as if consumers will always visit our sites regardless of how … Read the whole story

  • ANA Finds Most Clients Ignorant About 'Sourced Traffic,' Calls On Agencies To 'Educate' Them

    The vast majority of the biggest national advertisers either are only vaguely familiar with or are completely ignorant about the role so-called "sourced traffic" … Read the whole story