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Friday, July 29, 2016
  • IOC Brings Hammer Down On Doping, I Mean, Social Media

    After years of public outcry and criticism, the International Olympic Committee is finally getting tough on doping, no sorry, I mean social media. Read the whole story

  • Broadband Providers Ask Court To Reconsider 'Heavy Handed' Net Neutrality Rules

    Broadband providers protest a decision that, they say, enables the FCC "to become the 'Department of the Internet.'" Read the whole story

  • Internet-Connected Pet Feeder Fails, World Takes Note

    The technology powering the Internet of Things is hardly perfected. There will be bumps and failures along the way and some will be highlighted ... Read the whole story

  • Performics, Northwestern Create Lab: Invest Resources To Study Intent

    Performance agency Performics has partnered with Northwestern University to form a search-based intent research center called Intent Lab. The center, two years in the ... Read the whole story