Daily Online Examiner
Friday, February 10, 2017
  • Google Has First Amendment Right To Remove Sites From Search Results

    Google's ranking system is "the same as decisions by a newspaper editor regarding which content to publish, which article belongs on the front page, ... Read the whole story

  • Facebook Adds Audit, Third-Party Ad Verification

    After a handful of admitted measurement mistakes, Facebook says it will undergo a Media Rating Council audit and add third-party verification of its stats. ... Read the whole story

  • NBA Bans Social Media Trash Talk

    The NBA is looking to curb "Twitter wars" between players by reining in teams' social media accounts. Read the whole story

  • VR Gets Bloodied By The Law

    In the modern age, each new disruptive technology inevitably has a watershed moment: its first, incomprehensibly massive, lawsuit decision. Much as Android was dogged ... Read the whole story

  • WhatsApp Unveils Tight Security Measure

    Security is now top-of-mind for many consumers. And appealing to this trendy sentiment, WhatsApp is now offering two-step verification to its entire user base. Read the whole story

  • Conde Nast Acquires CitizenNet, Expands Ad Targeting

    CitizenNet will be incorporated into Conde Nast's data product "Conde Nast Spire," which it launched last summer. Conde Nast Spire combines online behavioral data ... Read the whole story