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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
  • Facebook Seeks To Appeal Robo-Texting Decision

    Facebook is seeking to appeal a judge's refusal to dismiss allegations that the company illegally sends users messages about their friends' birthdays. Read the whole story

  • Self-Driving Cars Hardly Just Around The Corner, Says Boston Future Of Transportation Panel

    Fully self-driving vehicles won't be populating public roads in the near future. That was the general takeaway from a panel discussion at the recent ... Read the whole story

  • The Return Of The Attack Of The Bad Ads

    Ad Lightning has come out with a study involving 605,000 examples of online ads that provide good reason for users to install an ad ... Read the whole story

  • Google Agrees To MRC Third-Party Audit For YouTube

    Google has agreed to have an official agency audit the metrics and technology integrated by third-party companies into YouTube's Web site and mobile applications. Read the whole story

  • People Hate Selfies, Take Selfies

    Most people find other people's selfies fake and annoying, while viewing their own as pleasingly authentic, according to a new study by psychology researchers ... Read the whole story