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Thursday, February 23, 2017
  • Judge Blocks California Online Censorship Law

    A federal judge has blocked a new California law that requires IMDb.com to delete actors' ages at their request. Read the whole story

  • Ad Blocking Steadies, But Publishers Must Stay Strong

    It would be nice to assume ad blocking has plateaued because ad-blocker users have seen the link between ads and free content. The truth ... Read the whole story

  • Diversity Tweaks Paid Search

    U.S. immigration policy reform could force a change in the demographic landscape, so the personal finance Web site WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of ... Read the whole story

  • UPS Delivers Package By Drone Flown From Truck

    Package delivery by drone may soon become a reality in the U.S. with another successful drone delivery test just completed. UPS teamed up with ... Read the whole story

  • Social Media Behind Rising Stress Levels, Say Shrinks

    The American Psychological Association's new report, "Stress in America 2017: Technology and Social Media," claims social media is a major factor driving an increase ... Read the whole story