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Monday, February 27, 2017
  • Mobile User Wants Appellate Court To Revive Robo-Texting Fight With Facebook

    A Montana resident who unsuccessfully sued Facebook for allegedly violating a robo-texting law now wants a federal appellate court to revive his case. Read the whole story

  • Higher IoT Speeds Coming To 11 Cities

    Wireless connectivity within the Internet of Things may be receiving a boost in speed soon as new efforts launch to implement and leverage 5G ... Read the whole story

  • NYC Warns Pols On Official Accounts

    In New York City, politicians are being warned not to use official social media accounts as a soapbox for political activity - but this ... Read the whole story

  • 44% Concerned About Personal Info Theft Through Their Connected Devices

    Homes are getting connected through a host of smart devices but that doesn't mean they're secure. Even worse, most consumers are concerned about the ... Read the whole story

  • Has Ad Blocking Lost Its Shine? Let's Hope So

    With no money in blocking ads for free, Shine is now Rainbow -- and it wants to make money by selling data from the ... Read the whole story