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Tuesday, February 28, 2017
  • Judge Sides Against Google In 'Faceprint' Battle

    In a blow to Google, a federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit alleging that the company violated an Illinois privacy law regarding ... Read the whole story

  • Publishers Flout FTC Rules On Native Disclosures

    The Federal Trade Commission has issued a number of guidelines for native advertising, intended to maintain transparency by ensuring consumers know the ads are ... Read the whole story

  • Amazon Web Services Outage Cripples Internet

    Amazon Web Services, which provides hosting for thousands of sites, is experiencing widespread outage issues, crippling thousands of services and affecting sites including Adobe, ... Read the whole story

  • Trump Rules Out Media Sources, Promises To 'Do Something' About Press

    We know Trump is a provocateur. But telling the media how it should work is absurd, ridiculous, insulting, and wrong. Is he familiar with ... Read the whole story