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Friday, August 17, 2018
  • Facebook Sued Over Audience Metrics

    "Based on publicly available research and plaintiffs' own analysis, Facebook overstates the potential reach of its advertisements," business owner Danielle Singer alleges in a … Read the whole story

  • Xumo Expands Channel Lineup As Viewership Rises Threefold

    Xumo has focused much of its efforts on the smart TV segment, making itself available for free to buyers of TVs from makers such … Read the whole story

  • Pandora Turns To T-Mobile In Push For Premium Subscribers

    Pandora announced a deal with the mobile carrier T-Mobile to offer its 76 million customers free access to Pandora Plus for one year. Read the whole story

  • Twitter Cuts API Feature Access

    Due to what it's calling "technical and business constraints," Twitter is officially cutting off access to API features on which many third-party clients rely. … Read the whole story

  • Google Employees Demand Transparency Around China Search Engine

    A letter circulating at Google's headquarters is raising concerns about the company's willingness to launch a search app that abides by China's "censorship requirements." Read the whole story

  • How Brands Can Thrive By Using First-Party Data

    Most firms still don't have the infrastructure in place to capitalize on first-party data. Here's how to do so. Read the whole story

  • Navigating Digital Transparency Without A Road Map

    The digital veil of anonymity has given data stewards permission to depreciate the human connection. To be more transparent, our industry needs to recognize … Read the whole story

  • Boo! YouTube Nixes Scary 'Nun' Movie Ad

    YouTube took the ad down, or told the studios to. Apparently, YouTube has rules about content that scares the crap out of people. Certain … Read the whole story