Email Marketing Daily Editions for October 2018
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018
Movable Ink Launches Cross-Channel Visual Platform
Maryland Credit Bureau Automates Its Email Targeting
Braze Nails $80 Million in Series E Funding
IBM Announces Watson Assistant Availability At MarTech East
Facebook Fixes Privacy Gaps, Claims Info Wasn't Accessed
Email Without Opt-In Can Hurt Your Brand
Google Caught Out, Again, By 'Buy Fake Passport' Sting
Retailers Are Sending The Same Old Emails To The Same Old People: Study
Tech CEO Asks Senate For A U.S. GDPR
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018
B2B Service Provider Hit By Data Breach
Phishing Attack Aims At Chrome Extension Developers
Digitent Debuts B2B Content Mapping Tool
Data Is The Building Block Of Email Personalization
SendGrid Names Carrie Palin As CMO
Ireland To Launch Probe Into Facebook Breach
IAB Tech Lab Releases Privacy Blockchain Protocol For Public Comment
Google Storage Plan Undermines Gmail Benefit, Critic Says
Report: Majority Of Global Consumers Are 'Belief-Driven' Buyers
Why Facebook Won't Be Facing A Billion-Pound GDPR Fine
The House Of Data: How Can CDPs Help Email Marketers?
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Oct. 1, 2018
MoviePass In Lapsed Subscriber Email Flap
French Startup Launches Email Newsletter Service
Bluecore Opens London Office, Mike Harris To Head International
Five Reasons To Use Email With SMS
Facebook's Latest Privacy Breach Could Mean $1 Billion In Fines
Salesforce Takes Aim At Microsoft And Oracle
California Enacts Net Neutrality Law, Faces Suit By DOJ
Boosting Holiday Email Sales
B2b Email Marketing Strategies
Digital Emancipation: World Wide Web Founder Is Back With A New Scheme
IPG Completes $2 Billion Acxiom Acquisition
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