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Wednesday, February 24, 2021
  • SparkPost Wins Skirmish In Legal Battle With 250ok

    250ok can't claim misappropriation of trade secrets and unjust enrichment in the same case, a Delaware court rules. Read the whole story

  • CM Group Names Desta Price As CPO

    Price hopes to develop "more shared capabilities" between CM Group brands, she says. Read the whole story

  • Nonprofit Fundraisers Urged To Go Digital

    The pandemic has caused a shift among donors. But are nonprofit groups ready for the change? Lasso Digital says they aren't. Read the whole story

  • Exponea Works With Acxiom To Provide Data Services To Clients

    Users can gain access to Acxiom services via API, the companies say. Read the whole story

  • Google To Remove Showcase Shopping Ads

    Showcase Shopping ad groups will be removed and will stop serving ads beginning April 1 -- but performance data, deleted ads and ad groups … Read the whole story

  • Sales & Marketing Should Be Best Of Friends

    Sales and marketing are like siblings who need and love each other, but are also quite competitive with one another. Read the whole story